Bio360 Open

  • Events
  • 30 June 2021 - 31 July 2021
  • Brittany, France

Bio360 Open in Retiers is first and foremost a very welcome and long-awaited opportunity to come together again, after these long months of being cooped up.

Spread over a generous outdoor area of 30 000m2, solutions from agriculture and forestry to address the challenge of climate change are at the heart of Bio360 Open and it is very fitting that the sector will be welcomed this year by the town of Retiers and the local authority of Roche des Fées, a Brittany municipality that is fully committed to the energy transition. Examples from its project portfolio include a brand-new community biomass boiler house as well as an agricultural co-operative biogas installation that will break ground and lay the first foundation stone during the event.


And of course, events are all about conversations and striking up relationships. Conversations that lead to learning and conversations that open the doors to opportunity. That’s what generates the buzz. That’s what leaves us excited and full of anticipation as we sweep hurriedly through the exit turnstile on our way to catch the train, hopefully on time, as we lingered a little too long at the end, discussing a brilliant new idea with someone we’d just met!


It’s high time to get back to it! For more information, please visit


The Exhibition

Combining the converging worlds of biogas, biomass, waste-to-x, carbon capture and utilisation, carbon sequestration, the bioeconomy … Bio360 Open is a unique event in France dedicated to professionals of the bioenergy and bioeconomy sectors.


The exhibition encompasses a genergous 30 000m2 outdoor area with over 200 stands under marquees and always at least two sides open, to allow a good circulation of air and extra-large alleyways of 6m.

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