Business Opportunities in Heating & Cooling

  • Events
  • 13 May 2020 - 13 May 2020
  • Online Workshop
  • by Smart City Sweden / Heat Academy
The global drive to decarbonising heating and cooling will generate major commercial opportunities for companies with proven technologies and competences in this field.

There are currently significant gaps in the local supply chain making market entry even more attractive. However, businesses also face significant challenges to overcome to access new markets. Examples on topics to address are – “Where are the relevant projects, how to access the key decision makers, which are the routes to market with whom to partner with, and how to establish a long term market position.” Further to that there is an urgent need to reduce costs of sales and to increase the hit-rate.


We will highlight concrete heating and cooling projects at the up-coming workshops, in e.g. UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada and in the US, all involving procurement of technologies and services in 2020/2021. We will also present effective routes to markets, and how companies can be supported in this process. Those registering to the event will also be offered an opportunity to sign up for individual webinars to have a conversation on their specific opportunities and strategies.



The sessions are offered free of charge and will be conducted in English.



For more information and registration, please contact Peter Anderberg ([email protected]) or Sara Malmgren ([email protected]).

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