CELSIUS Talk: Solar District Heating – A solution for sustainable cities?

  • Cities & District Energy News
  • 19 March 2018 - 19 March 2018
  • Webinar
  • by CELSIUS/SDHp2m/DHC+

CELSIUS and the SDHp2m project organised a webinar on Monday March 19 at 15:00 CET to debate on the role that solar district energy can play in the development of sustainable cities.


On this webinar, key stakeholders from industry, cities and research institutes presented the latest state-of-art developments on Solar District Heating and explored if SDH can be the answer to some of the questions of the cities of tomorrow.


Sustainable cities are a strong part of the solution of the many great challenges of our age – climate change, energy security and economic development. The use of District Heating and Cooling networks brings locally-sourced low carbon heat into our cities reducing substantially its dependency on fossil fuels and avoiding their import costs and impact.


Within the renewable sources that can supply District Heating and Cooling networks, solar thermal energy has a small market share but a great market potential. The sun is a powerful renewable energy source that can be collected and supplied under high efficient standards, regardless of the climatic conditions, if the right technology is in place.


What will you find in this webinar? Please see the agenda below:



Moderated by: Katrina Folland, Former Coordinator CELSIUS at City of Gothenburg



  • CELSIUS 2.0

Katrina Folland, Former Coordinator CELSIUS at City of Gothenburg

  • SDHp2m: Preliminary results

Laure Deschaintre, Engineer at SOLITES.

  • SDH from a regional perspective: the case of the region of Thuringia

Aline Kornmann, Desk Officer at Thuringian Ministry of Environment, Energy and Nature Conservation.

  • Solar District Heating: an enabling tool for sustainable cities

Morten Hofmeister, Head of Projects at SavoSolar.

  • Best Danish examples for Solar District Heating

Jan Erik Nielsen, Head of Department at PlanEnergi.






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