Decarbonising Belgium – Recovering Industrial Waste Heat

  • Events
  • 29 June 2021 - 29 June 2021
  • online
  • by Heat Academy

Exploring the socio-economic benefits from Industrial Symbiosis in Heat – Introduction to business models, technologies and strategies for capturing and distributing waste heat from local industries to commercial and residential customers


At this session we will introduce the significant untapped potential for sourcing heat from local industries. Doing so will not only reduce the dependency on gas for heating. It will  also generate new revenue streams for industries, thereby driving local investments and jobs. The key for unlocking this potential is spelled district heating. By installing a network of pipes we create a market for heat that would otherwise be lost. This is common practice in cities across the Nordic region, and an area of strong growth across Europe, not least in Belgium.


At this session we will introduce the business models and technologies for recovering and distributing industrial waste heat. We will present reference cases in Belgium and in other parts of Europe. We will also highlight projects underway, and share examples on experiences and best practice in business modelling, technical design and sales.


The session is organised in partnership with Vito and Van Marcke, and is offered free of charge. [email protected]



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