International Conference on “Sustainability and Energy Issues”

  • Events
  • 07 September 2017 - 08 September 2017
  • Brussels
  • by Geoprogress

The Geoprogress Organizing Committee is pleased to invite authors to submit papers to be presented to the International Conference on “Sustainability and Energy Issues”. Your active involvement in this Call for papers provides an excellent opportunity to contribute to the development of the global energy community.


The Conference intends to discuss key issues around:

  • how to provide energy (electricity, natural gas and oil) world needs in sustainability;
  • how to stop short-term increase the consumption of fossil fuels and to reduce it long-term;
  • in what ways, with what technical innovations, you can reduce the energy intensity;
  • what are the best policies to incentivize energy efficiency;
  • how to help poor countries to develop more sustainable energy and to meet the energy requirement to illuminate millions of homes that are still lacking;
  • how to finance energy and ecological transition worldwide.

How to submit a paper

Every paper will be proposed for publication to the GeoProgress Journal. So every paper, as well as intervention and report, has to be edited according the norms and format (“Style Guidelines…”) you find in, and will be submitted to peer review.


Abstract (max 200 words) should be sent by May 31, 2017 to i[email protected]

Full paper should be sent by August 15, 2017.


Acceptance of the paper for presentation to the Conference (and submission to referees) will be communicated to authors by August 15, 2017, and  acceptance for publication by mid October.


More information about the programme and registration is available on the conference webpage.

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