Master Class – Affordable Heating from Mines

  • Events
  • 19 February 2020 - 19 February 2020
  • Bridgend, UK


You are invited to a master class in Bridgend organised by the Heat Academy in cooperation with Bridgend College. The session will address the topics of capturing, distributing and managing heat from low-temperature heat sources. To successfully do so requires not only an adequate design and installation of a technical system. It also requires skills in business modelling, commercial strategies, communication, installation and operation and management. In the end the system in place must be affordable, convenient and reliable.


The Master Class will centre around the Caerau Heat Scheme, an ongoing £8M investment in mine heat in Bridgend which will become operational in 2023. We will also highlight a series of similar investments in heat networks in the UK and abroad. Mine heat and other low temperature heat sources, e.g. sewage systems and data centres, will become key components in the accelerating process of decarbonising urban heating. An enormous global market will become available for those who can offer affordable solutions to  explore the heat potential available underground.


Welcome to a master class in Affordable Heating from Mines, organised at Bridgend College on 19 February, 2020.


Find the invitation and a more detailed agenda here

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