Opportunities in Low Carbon Heat – Webinar

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  • 05 May 2020 - 05 May 2020
  • Webinar
  • by Scottish Enterprise
The quest to decarbonise society is well known and forms a huge part of the Scottish Government’s activities. Whilst Scotland stands in Europe as the second best performer for renewable energy, we have the worst record for use of low carbon heat, and heat accounts for 54% of our emissions.


With one of the most developed gas networks in the world, and considerable domestic resources, Scotland has some specific challenges both politically and technically. Commercially, we also see some of the lowest gas prices in Europe.


This webinar comes from Low Carbon Transition team with special guest Dave Pearson of Glasgow based Star Renewable Energy, manufacturers of the UK’s largest 80C river sourced heat pumps. “The Twins” might be familiar to you as they were visited as part of the Low Carbon Challenge Fund launch with the First Minister but what are they and what could they mean?


Aside from the technical intro to “what is a heatpump”, Dave will take us through three distinct market segments from his observation:

-Domestic heat pumps for existing houses
-Commercial and city scale heat pumps
-Industrial heat pumps for raising steam for example for distilleries

…touching on the commercial opportunities, but also the key market drivers and barriers as they stand today.


The IPCC report referred to by Greta Thunberg would suggest that at current levels of emissions we have 8 years before reaching the crucial levels.


So time is of the essence. We have to make big strides now.


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