World café: Sustainable cooling for Europe at EUSEW

  • Euroheat & Power Events
  • 06 June 2018 - 06 June 2018
  • Brussels

Without cooling the climate in our offices, homes and vehicles would often be unbearable. Without cooling many materials would not be as strong or flexible to serve our needs. Without cooling our data centres and servers would not process our endless information chains…  and of course we want it to be clean and sustainable.


The indispensable role of cooling in our society and economy is what is up for discussion at this interactive world café which is organised by the coolingEU stakeholders and will take place at EUSEW on June 6 from 09:30 to 12:30 at Fundación Galicia Europa (Rue de la Loi, 38, 1040 Brussels).


Not familiar with the world café concept?

The event environment is set up like a café, with paper-covered tables supplied with refreshments where the participants are invited to sit. Throughout the event  a series of conversation rounds about different questions related to the impact of cooling in our society will be held. The conversation rounds will last 25 min, after which the participants will shift tables to engage in new discussions.


Preliminary Agenda
  • Introduction and welcome by Ingo Wagner, coolingEU
  • Opening remarks and key note on the crucial role of cooling, tbc
  • Cooling round tables on the societal benefits of cooling in:
    a) working and living
    b) supplying food
    c) Europe’s industry
    d) the digital future
  • Summary and closing remarks by Julia Panzer, Danfoss Cool
  • Academic closure by Judith Evans, South Bank University


Register here before June 4. Please note that places are limited!

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