Whitehaven – Heat Network Demonstrator – Session II

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  • 18 March 2021 - 18 March 2021
  • Online Workshop
  • by Heat Academy

Meet pioneering companies and individuals in the digital sector from across Europe presenting the latest technologies and strategies supporting design, installation and operation of affordable, convenient and high performing heat networks.

Whitehaven, Cumbria is set to become a Micro-City Test bed for SMART places. One of the projects involves the implementation of a state-of-art district energy system. Affordability, speed of delivery, performance, future proofing and convenience are in focus for this investment. The objective is to test out new practices, hardware and digital technologies to minimise Capex, Opex and risks, while optimising the benefits for end-users, investors and the broader community.


At this second session you will meet a new group of companies offering hardware, services and digital solutions for making buildings net-zero ready, and connecting end-users to affordable fossil free heat networks. The companies joining us for this interactive workshop are – Hysopt (www.hysopt.com) presenting how to make buildings ready for net-zero with hydraulic optimisation; Cetetherm (www.cetetherm.com) presenting solutions for intelligent energy optimization of district heating substations; and Star Renewable Energy (www.star-ref.co.uk) describing how a client gets from the dream of “I want a heat pump” to the reality of making the whole system work to everyone’s benefit. As in the previous session presenters have been asked to explain how and why their solutions would be ideal for the Whitehaven Heat Network Demonstrator.


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Session I – Recording available

Comsof (www.comsof.com) presented a digital planning tool assisting project teams already from the early stages of a project in developing and visualising heat mapping, preliminary business case and the initial technical design. Comsof Heat is GIS-based planning and design software which produces detailed area maps of roll-out scenarios. Soficta (www.soficta.fi) presented a cost efficient IoT solution involving sensors to collect and manage exact data on heat demand profiles and indoor air quality of buildings to be connected to heat networks. The solution can also be applied to monitor heat networks, leak detection of chambers and pipes, and for collecting data on energy consumption. Hydraulic Analysis (www.hydraulic-analysis.com) presented on real-time pipeline hydraulic and thermal simulators (“Digital Twins”) which model the complete heat network, including all equipment and control systems for truly accurate understanding of the performance and operation of the heat network. The simulators are driven by live pressure, flow and temperature data and are already installed on energy and water networks all over the world and are used for design, planning, optimisation, look ahead, forecasting and leak detection. (If you are interested in accessing the recording of this session, please send a mail to [email protected])    

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