Workshop: The Future of District Heating and Cooling Networks in an Integrated Energy System

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  • 11 October 2018 - 11 October 2018
  • Berlin, Germany





The integration of the different energy networks, such as electricity, gas and heating/ cooling is considered as one of the key measures for decarbonizing the energy system, since it triggers important synergies, that couldn’t be realised by optimizing the sectors individually. However, a persistent implementation of an integrated energy system is connected to several challenges, such as an increasing competition between the energy domains and a higher complexity.

The workshop “The Future of District Heating and Cooling Networks in an Integrated Energy System” is integrated in the framework of the international cooperation program IEA DHC Annex TS3 „hybrid energy networks“.


The focus within the “Annex TS3” is on:
  • The identification of application areas and synergy potentials in different countries
  • The analyses of international case studies and the individual challenges
  • The assessment of the different methodological approaches and available tools for evaluation, design and optimization of integrated energy systems
  • Recommendation on suitable business models, market design and regulations.


Aim of the Workshops is:
  • to presented and discuss concrete challenges from the (German) industry perspective and
  • to initiate networking between industry stakeholders and international researchers for
  • linking the results of the latest R&D projects with practical considerations.


The Workshop is directed towards:
  • Network operators and energy suppliers (district heating/ cooling, electricity and gas)
  • Policy makers, energy authorities and associations
  • Consultancies and engineering offices
  • National and international R&D institutes / universities


Attendees may attend free of charge, a light lunch and coffee breaks will be provided.



Global Energy Interconnection Research Institute (GEIRI) Europe GmbH

Kantstrasse 162, 10623 Berlin



is requested by the 27th September 2018 to Ralf-Roman Schmidt

E-Mail: [email protected]

Tel: +43 664 235 19 01


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