District Energy in North Macedonia

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  • 15 November 2019


In the Republic of North Macedonia, there is no separate national Heat Strategy, but this sector is covered by other national Strategies, implementation programs and action plans. In 2010, the Government has adopted a Strategy for energy development of the Republic of Macedonia until 2030, which determine the entire energy policy, including the district heating sector.


In 2010, the Government adopted a strategy for improvement of the energy efficiency until 2020, which mainly determines energy efficiency policy on the side of final consumers and CHPPs. In order to implement this strategy, the Government adopts Energy Efficiency Action Plans every three years, which are also in line with the requirements of the EU energy efficiency policy.


Balkan Energy Group (BEG) operates three DH plants, which operate with the biggest part of the DH network in the city of Skopje and supply heat to approx 60.000 households in Skopje, more than 80 buildings in the educational sector (schools and kindergardens) and more than 1.000 other consumers (mostly commercial).



The DH system of Balkan Energy Group (BEG) covers the biggest part of consumers connected to the DH systems in the City of Skopje. BEG is consisting of three companies, as are:
• Production of Heat Balkan Energy DOOEL Skopje;
• Distribution of heat BALKAN ENERGY DOOEL Skopje and
• Supply of Heat Balkan Energy Dooel Skopje.


The heat produced by the heat plants of BEG (PHBE) and by the CCPP TE-TO AD Skopje is being delivered to the distribution network operated by BEG. The production of Heat Balkan Energy (PHBE) is licensed by the Energy Regulatory Commission of Republic of North Macedonia since 31.12.2012, performing public interest activity – production of heating energy for the bigger part of the territory of Skopje. The main activity of the Company is the production of electricity and heat. TE-TO AD Skopje operates a Combined Cycle Cogeneration Power Plant (CCPP) giving an electricity and heat output. The plant started its commercial operation on 24th February 2012, and is located in the vicinity of the Skopje city centre, close to the BEG (Balkan Energy Group) – Heat Plant ISTOK. The average capacity of the power plant is 220 MW for electricity generation and up to 160 MW for heat production. TE-TO AD Skopje is the first Independent Power Producer (IPP) supplying power to the Republic of North Macedonia market and also to the regional and international markets. Heat extraction from the Power Plant, generated during the CCPP production process, is delivered directly to the Skopje district heating system.


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