European Parliament Adopts Heating and Cooling Resolution

  • Euroheat & Power News
  • 13 September 2016

building_eu_european_parliamentEuroheat & Power warmly welcomes the European Parliament’s resolution on the EU Strategy for Heating and Cooling, adopted in Plenary on 13 September 2016.


The resolution broadly recognises the huge untapped potential of using recoverable heat and district heating systems and the fact that “50% of the total EU heat demand can be supplied via district heating”.


The document stresses the importance of efficient district energy networks that offer an alternative to and should replace more polluting systems for individual heating in dense urban agglomerations. It calls for the modernisation and extension of existing district heating systems and asks Member States to put in place fiscal and financial mechanisms to encourage the development and use of district heating and cooling. It also highlights the role of local authorities in shaping sustainable energy strategies based on heating and cooling mapping. A detailed compilation of the references to district heating and cooling can be found here.


Euroheat & Power’s Managing Director Paul Voss said: “The Parliament’s report is great news and yet another pleasing example of just how far we’ve come as an industry. Our voice has been heard and understood and this is really encouraging as we begin a new and extremely important phase of regulatory development at EU level. For some time now our industry has argued that district heating and cooling is not just a ‘nice to have’ but a prerequisite for the effective management of the European energy transition. Increasingly, it seems we’re far from being alone in this view.”

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