Event Page: Vision 2050 | Decarbonising District Energy For Our Cities

  • Euroheat & Power Events
  • 01 October 2019 - 01 October 2019
  • Brussels, Belgium


? Presentations, ? session videos and ? photos from our Vision 2050 | #DHCities event are now available!

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Videos from the different sessions are available here:

09 00 – Opening and Keynote Speeches

10 30 -_Session 2 – Bottom up: How Cities are Putting DHC to work

13 05 – Session 3 – Top Down: DHC in the EU’s Climate and Energy Strategy

1500 – Session 4 – Making it happen: Practical perspectives on delivery & closing remarks.

Presentations are available in PDF format below:

0900 – 1_Session2_Claire Roumet_EnergyCities

1030_1_Session2_Karl Gruber_WienEnergie

1030_2_Session2_Astrid Madsen_City of Rotterdam

1030_3_Session2_JPMasson_City of Dijon

1030_4_Session2_MikaelLehstrom-Fortum-City of Espoo

1305_0_Session3_Moderator_Andreas Graf_Agora

1500_2_Session4_Rolf Kuby_Aurubis

1500_4_Session4_Christoph Gollner_SetPlanJPI


October 1st – These days in Brussels it’s hard to move around without bumping into a ‘vision’ for 2050 but whose visions are they and whose interests do they really reflect? For the district energy community, there is no more important partner than the cities and communities our networks are meant to serve. With this in mind, instead of presenting them with a vision of what we can offer to them, we’ve decided to start by asking them what they want!


Their challenging and inspiring replies make it clear the future of our business will be about two things; growth and change. Cities all over Europe are counting on district energy networks to deliver decarbonised, efficient, reliable and affordable heating and cooling and they cannot and will not wait until 2050 to see it happen.

Meeting these great expectations will require ambition, commitment and clarity of purpose from our industry, but this won’t be enough on its own. We’ll need to work in partnership with policy-makers at local, national and EU level, other energy network operators, our customers, and the wider stakeholder community in order to make all the pieces fit. Because in the end, we’re all connected!

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