PLANHEAT: Integrated tool for empowering public authorities

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  • October 2016 to September 2019

PLANHEAT develops an integrated tool for empowering public authorities in the development of sustainable plans for low carbon heating and cooling.



October 2016 to September 2019.


Description / Objectives:

Public bodies face the lack of appropriate easy-to-use tools to support them in the definition, simulation and evaluation of suitable strategies for sustainable heating and cooling. These strategies should be tailored to local conditions for achieving the ambitious targets set-up in their local plans. PLANHEAT aims to fill this gap.

PLANHEAT’s main objective is to develop and validate in real case scenarios an integrated and easy-to-use tool which will support local authorities in selecting, simulating and comparing alternative low carbon and economically sustainable scenarios for heating and cooling.


Expected outcomes:

The PLANHEAT integrated tool will be designed to support local authorities in:

  • mapping the potential of locally available low-carbon energy sources
  • mapping the forecasted demand for heating and cooling
  • defining and simulating alternative environmentally friendly scenarios
  • understanding the interactions of these new scenarios with the existing infrastructures and networks
  • identifying potential for further extension and upgrade of district heating and cooling networks
  • evaluating the benefits in terms of energetic, economic and environmental gains.


PLANHEAT cities:

Three cities are also part of the team: Antwerp (Belgium), Lecce (Italy) and Velika Gorica (Croatia). These cities will support the consortium in the design and validation of the PLANHEAT integrated tool, making up an interesting mix of different climate conditions, availability of input data as well as representing different development stages in the planning and development of the next generation heating and cooling system.

… and you? PLANHEAT intends to actively involve 50 EU cities in the project by offering dedicated training on low carbon heating and cooling planning and screening in depth their needs in order to deliver a tool which is really customized on cities’ needs.

You are a city and would like to get involved? Let PLANHEAT support you!





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