Country by Country

The ‚ÄúCountry by Country‚ÄĚ is the most comprehensive compilation of statistics and analysis on the district heating and cooling market in more than 30 countries.


Euroheat & Power publishes the report every two years. The information is provided by external contributors, mainly national district heating and cooling associations as well as research organisations. As part of our district energy knowledge hub and as a preview to the information contained in the Country by Country report, we provide country profiles based on the most recent information we have available. (Please click here to see a breakdown of the data provided by all contributing countries) This includes key data, infographics and a short description of the national district heating and cooling landscapes.


For more information on the impact of district energy at a local level,¬†don’t forget to explore our #DHCities¬†map, featuring DHC decarbonisation success stories from city officials across Europe:¬†

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