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  • 15 July 2016


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Member Newsletter July 2016

Euroheat & Power News

Euroheat & Power Mid-Year Review

As we approach the summer holidays, it’s always nice (and important) to look back on the semester that’s been and consider the challenges and opportunities in front of us between now and Christmas. From EHP’s perspective, it’s been a very rewarding first half of 2016. The heating and cooling strategy, the culmination of several years of concerted advocacy led by our industry, definitively established heating and cooling as a significant field of EU energy policy, and helped achieve our long-held ambition to give DHC a strong profile in the Brussels energy debate. The Secretariat has welcomed some bright new talent and continued to strengthen our relationships and operational cooperation with our membership. With all this in mind, we can look forward to what will be an exciting 2nd half of the year with confidence and ambition.

In October 2016, we expect the publication of a new package of energy efficiency legislation which will play an important role in establishing the future business environment in which our industry will operate. Though lobbying is never easy and the only certainty is that we will not always get everything we want, we are convinced that our capacity to influence decisions is greater than ever before. Moreover, after a period of relatively limited regulatory activity since the renewal of the European Commission and Parliament in 2014, we are very much looking forward to the opportunity to sink our collective teeth into some high profile policy files. Needless to say, our success will to a large extent be determined by our ability to involve and engage you, the members, in this process. We look forward to fighting alongside you to protect and advance our industry’s interests. In that spirit, we hope you’ll be able to join us in Brussels for District Energy Days on 11-12 October where we’ll gather together policy-makers, DHC specialists and the wider EU stakeholder community to explore how our industry can help deliver a better energy model for Europe. Don’t miss it! In the meantime, let’s all take a little time to breathe and enjoy a much-deserved rest.

Have a great summer!

For more information contact Paul Voss at [email protected].


Eco-efficient substations meeting on 22 June

On 22 June, Euroheat & Power members held a meeting to discuss the potential certification programme for eco-efficient substations. The programme will build upon the “CEN Workshop Agreement on Eco-efficient Substations for District Heating (CWA 16975)” adopted last year. The certification programme is expected to harmonise the description of improved substations’ performances and quality, lower the investment cost, introduce the smart substation into the market and allow energy savings for both customers and energy companies.

Contact Simas Gerdvila at [email protected] if you would like to get involved in the programme.


Second Stakeholder Roundtable on Cooling sets sector on track for future cooperation

Following a months-long preparatory process Euroheat & Power together with Dearman had organised a 1st edition in March to kick-start exchange between the broad variety of actors in the sector. For the 2nd edition 25 representatives representing the whole value and cold chain including cold suppliers, producers and a variety of consumers from heavy industry to food refrigeration, came together at the Euroheat & Power premises on 23 June to discuss the current policy situation, upcoming developments and necessary steps. Attendees agreed on further cooperation in the form of a loose coalition with a website hosting relevant information on cooling and on a third meeting in September.

For more information please write to [email protected].


Energy Policy Committee meeting on 28 June

On June 28, the meeting of the Energy Policy committee took place in Brussels. The committee discussed and approved Euroheat & Power response to the European Commission’s consultation on the Interim Report of the Sector Enquiry on Capacity Remuneration Mechanisms. Euroheat & Power also updated members on the latest news and developments regarding the ETS reform, Heating and Cooling Strategy, review of PEF for electricity, definition of RES Cooling and other topics.

The next Energy Policy committee meeting will take place on 15 September 2016.

For more information contact Simas Gerdvila at [email protected].


2016 EHP Membership Survey – Results

Good job indeed! Keep calm and carry on!” … with these nice words ringing in our ears, we are happy to present the results of the this year’s Euroheat & Power customer satisfaction survey. A big Thank You to everyone who took the time to reply. We’re really pleased to see that you’re happier with your Euroheat & Power’s experience than ever, but we’re also aware that we can always deliver more for you, your organisation and our industry. This is the challenge that motivates and excites us year in year out! For a detailed look at the results, click here.

Thanks again for your confidence and support, and have a wonderful summer!


New member: SAMSON

SAMSON AG in Frankfurt serves as the headquarters for an international group of companies. SAMSON is not only known for a complete product line in instrumentation and control, but also offers the most modern integrated automation systems. The field of expertise extends from heating and air-conditioning technology to applications in the largest chemical plants. The product range for district heating and cooling includes self-operated pressure, differential pressure and flow regulators, electric control valves with safety functions as well as controllers with convenient operation. The portfolio is completed with a wide variety of HVAC devices and automation equipment: from simple control systems for small and medium-sized residential or office buildings to automation systems for larger units, such as hotels, hospitals or industrial installations.

More information on


District Energy Days: Register Today!

11-12 October 2016: Policy – Networking – Member Exchange

This 2-day event will provide a high level forum for policy-makers, industry and civil society to exchange views and to foster technical information and experience exchange in a market-driven environment. Find out more here.

Gain visibility by supporting the District Energy Days! Click here to find out how.


2017 EHP Congress highlights

Euroheat & Power Congress will be held in Glasgow on 14-17 May 2017. It will be the signature event on district energy in 2017 and will include leaders from the region and globally, including policy makers, project developers, industrial and commercial customers, technology providers and others.

Agenda & Programme | Registration | Sponsors | Exhibition | Practical Info

Become a Supporter!

Join us in showcasing your company by sponsoring or exhibiting at this unique and timely congress. Sponsors will also have the opportunity to exhibit information about their companies during the course of the event and receive continuing global exposure pre and post-event as well through Euroheat & Power’s global subscriber list of 10,000 international energy leaders and partners.

To view the complete list of opportunities click here and for the exhibition click here.

DHC+ Pavilion sales start!

You can showcase your organisation by exhibiting at the DHC+ Research & Technology Pavilion. This offer was specially created for the DHC+ Members following numerous requests. So please book your stand early!


Calendar Euroheat & Power Meetings & Events

15/09/2016 Energy Policy Committee Meeting in Brussels. Please contact [email protected].

09/2016 Working Group District Cooling Meeting in Brussels, date TBC. Please contact [email protected].

10/10/2016 Board of Directors Meeting in Brussels. Please contact [email protected].

11-12/10/2016 District Energy Days in Brussels. Please contact [email protected].

11/10/2016 Communication Network (COMNET) Meeting in Brussels. Please contact [email protected].

11/10/2016 DHC+ Steering Committee Meeting in Brussels. Please contact [email protected].

25/10/2016 Energy Policy Committee Meeting in Brussels. Please contact [email protected].

7/12/2016 Energy Policy Committee Meeting in Brussels. Please contact [email protected].


Policy News

Update EU Emissions Trading System

Euroheat & Power continues its advocacy with regards to the EU review of the Emission Trading Scheme (ETS). Over the last month, EHP met with the attaché of Slovakia, which will now hold the rotating EU Presidency and with the cabinet MEP Seán Kelly. It also liaised with over 10 other MEPs from both the environment and industry committees, sharing the position of the district heating sector and suggesting some changes to the Commission’s proposal. Currently both the industry and the environment committees are analysing hundreds of amendments and first compromise amendments are expected by September.

For more information contact Simas Gerdvila at [email protected].


ITRE votes on Report on Heating & Cooling

On 12 July 2016 the European parliament’s Committee on Industry, Research and Energy voted on the draft own-initiative report on the Heating & Cooling Strategy. The report is the response of the deputies to the European Commission’s first ever strategy in the field published earlier this year. The report by rapporteur Adam Gierek (S&D, PL) and the shadows gives DHC, CHP and the use of recoverable heat a prominent role in decarbonising heating & cooling but does also not shy away from calling for progressive action in the district energy sector. The plenary vote will take place in September.

For more information please have a look here or write to Ingo Wagner at [email protected].


Consultation process on Primary Energy Factor for grid electricity

Since the public consultation on the Ecodesign and Energy Labelling files in 2013, the European Commission has worked on a separate review of the primary energy value for grid electricity. The value was established in the latest Energy Eefficiency Directive (EED) review and the electricity industry had requested a review of the factor. In the latest consultation round, the Commission presented a draft methodology based on a study prepared by a consortium suggesting various methodological choices. EHP challenged the application of a single PEF for Europe across policies in general and parts of this methodology in particular. The result of the process will either be published as proposal in the new EED or as delegated act.

For more information contact Ingo Wagner at [email protected].


DHC+ Research & Innovation News

Stratego coaching session

On 30 June DHC+ participated in a Stratego coaching session between public authorities and potential heat suppliers from Antwerp (Belgium), and actual heat suppliers and grid operators from Gothenburg (Sweden) on the role of public authorities and delivery of excess heat by waste-to-energy and the energy-intensive industry.

The main take-aways of the discussion are that public authorities can act both as a planner/regulator and as a facilitator. Moreover, local authorities need to fine-tune to a local vision based on local conditions and a support scheme should also be set at national level. The provincial level, as a supra-municipal body, can play here an important role to facilitate cross-municipal projects. Authorities at all levels should consider connecting their own premises to a district heating grid. The waste-to-energy plant in Antwerp is currently investigating excess heat delivery, while the involvement from energy-intensive industry should be supported by a more stable legal and economic framework.

For more information contact Alessandro Provaggi at [email protected].


European Commission launches European Innovation and Technology Platform on smart networks for the energy transition

On 27 June the 1st General Assembly of the European Technology and Innovation Platform (ETIP) on Smart Networks for Energy Transition took place in Brussels. DHC+/EHP was invited as representative of our sector. The new platform is supposed to function as implementing body for the SET Plan action on energy networks. Contrary to the former smart grids technology platform, it will not only focus on the electricity grid but also deal with heat and gas grids and the interconnection between different networks. The next step is to set-up a governing board for the platform. Three seats are foreseen for actors from gas, heat and transport, i.e. the District Heating and Cooling sector should be represented with one person. The governing board meets twice a year and discusses the big lines while an executive committee will handle the day-to-day business. After summer different working groups will be set-up and DHC+/EHP can also send experts to these working groups. A call for declarations of intent will be circulated as soon as the Commission has provided more details.

For more information contact Ingo Wagner at [email protected].


SET-Plan implementation continues

DHC+ has continued its involvement in the implementation of the new SET Plan process. DHC+ provided input to the recently published issue paper on geothermal energy in coordination with EGEC and the Renewable Heating and Cooling Platform and is awaiting an invitation to a discussion meeting. The Commission is still considering publishing issue papers on biomass and heating technologies. Discussions on the implementation of actions 3 & 4 (DHC+ had provided input on the papers on smart cities and energy networks) are ongoing but no declaration of intent has been published so far. Currently, the work on actions 5 & 6 (Energy Efficiency in buildings/industry) is most advanced with declarations of intent published. For action 6 on industry a temporary working group was set up which will oversee and coordinate the realisation of the identified targets. The next meeting is planned for September 2016 and input needs to be sent in advance. The secretariat will circulate a questionnaire and ask members for input.

For more information contact Ingo Wagner at [email protected].


DHC+ Education & Training News

Registration for the DHC+ Summer School extended until 29 July

The registration deadline for the 4th International DHC+ Summer School in Warsaw has now been extended until 29 July 2016! Only a few places left!

Following the EU trends and due to the profile of the entities hosting the Summer School, the programme will feature innovation in district energy. Participants will have lots of networking opportunities and exciting technical visits to district heating facilities. More information on the accommodation, fees and registration process is available on the dedicated Summer School website.

For more information contact Aksana Krasatsenka at [email protected].


Where will the Summer School 2017 be held?

Interested in being associated with Education & Training activities in the field of district heating and cooling? Willing to promote your company/city/region as a lead supporter of the next DHC generation? Able to offer a venue, interesting site visits and networking opportunities? Apply for hosting the 5th edition of the DHC+ Summer School in 2017! Join forces with some like-minded stakeholders (e.g. local utilities, universities, manufacturers) – together we can do great things!

See some examples from the past:

1st International DHC+ Summer School in Berlin – “DHC and the Smart City”
2nd International DHC+ Summer School in Helsinki – “DHC – a bridge towards future energy system”
3rd International DHC+ Summer School in Torino – “DHC meets ICT”

For more information on the hosting requirements, contact Aksana Krasatsenka at [email protected].


Members & Industry News

Register now for the Smart Energy Systems & 4DH Conference

On 27-28 September 2016, the 4DH Research Centre hosts its 2nd International Conference on Smart Energy Systems and 4th Generation District Heating. This year, the conference takes place in Aalborg, Denmark. Two study trips will also take place the day before and the day after the conference.

The deadline for registration is 31 August 2016 and registration is binding.

For more details, view the programme and invitation with hotel information.


Latest Industry News on Our Website

12.07.2016 – Poland opens competition for cogen and district energy projects

08.07.2016 – Danfoss creates a world-leading player in heat transfer solutions

27.06.2016 – Biomass boiler delivered for Scottish district heating project

23.06.2016 – New role for Bavarian CHP plant

22.06.2016 – Australian investor to buy French district heating firm

If you wish your corporate news to appear in our new website section, please send the relevant information to [email protected]


Calendar External Events

15th International Symposium on District Heating and Cooling
4-7 September 2016, Seoul, South Korea

4th International Solar District Heating Conference
21-22 September 2016, Billund, Denmark

2nd International Conference on Smart Energy Systems and 4th Generation District Heating
27-28 September 2016, Aalborg, Denmark



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