Webinar: The Lifecycle of a Heating Grid

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  • 26 November 2019 - 26 November 2019
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Deploying a District Heating Network needs a lot of preparation, as the investment is considerable. However the long-term benefits are huge: less dependence on fossil fuel, a network built for decades, less CO2-emissions.

There are five important steps to take towards a successful district heating grid network roll-out:

  1. Strategic Planning
  2. Initial Design
  3. Detailed Design & Analysis
  4. Grid Deployment
  5. Operations & Maintenance

In this webinar Comsof will introduce you to their integrated Comsof Heat – Vitec solution to cope with all five stages.

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During 45 minutes you will learn how to optimize your district heating grid, from the initial planning stage to the recurring maintenance.

This is what you wil learn:

  • How to plan, design, deploy and maintain a new grid
  • How to speed up this process & improve efficiency
  • What pitfalls you should focus on during this process
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